The most important reasons why you must seo optimize your blogger blog

Reasons why you must seo optimize your blogger blog 
You might be wondering why I always talk about blogger blog seo and traffic right?.  That is because blogger seo and traffic is very important.  If you are a blogger and you don't care about optimizing your blog,  then get ready to see your blog at the last page of google, that is if you will see your blog contents on Google at all. 

Blogger seo traffic pack to boost your blogger blog traffic

Learn how to increase your blogger blog traffic by setting up a strong seo for your blogger blog This is time to deal totally with your blogger seo and traffic.
PPP : This is specifically for blogger blogs only, but if you are a wordpress user, you will still get some helpful seo settings here.
Let me start by asking you this
Do you really make money from your blog?
Probably, no.