Blogger blogs are not search engine friendly

Why is blogger blogs not search engine friendly? 

Blogger is a free platform for blogging,  as you know,  there are many limitations for free stuffs.  Although blogger is getting more advanced but that can never change the fact that it is not search engine friendly. 

OK,  are you still doubting me? 

Now,  can open any of your posts and take a look at the URL,  you will discover that there is always some figure after your domain name. It looks like this /2016/06/

Now,  head over to a WordPress blog,  take a look at its post URL,  you will not see that kind of figure,  the focus keyword will start immediately after the domain name. 

The structure of the blogger post URL is never search engine friendly,  But not minding that,  you can get your blogger blog contents to rank well in search engines more than WordPress blogs. 

How will you be able to achieve that? 

I am sure you already know about blogger seo traffic pack, right? 

It is the only secret which you need to make your blogger blog to be search engine friendly.  It will help you to get your blogger blog well optimized for search engines. 

Remember,  search engines sends free traffic to blogs which you can never pay for. 

But the question is,  is your blog  receiving the free traffic search engines? 

If your answer is no,  then,  all you need is to use seo traffic pack to optimize your blog. 


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