The most important reasons why you must seo optimize your blogger blog

Reasons why you must seo optimize your blogger blog 

You might be wondering why I always talk about blogger blog seo and traffic right?.  That is because blogger seo and traffic is very important.  If you are a blogger and you don't care about optimizing your blog,  then get ready to see your blog at the last page of google, that is if you will see your blog contents on Google at all. 

Why Am I saying this?

80% of bloggers who are blogging on blogger platform finds it very difficult to get massive traffic to their blog and they also find it very difficult to seo optimize their blogger blogs for higher search engine results.

I have tried so much to put most bloggers through on seo optimizing their blogger blogs,  I have also talked about general seo but here, I am focusing only on blogger seo and  traffic which is the most problem blogger blogs are facing.

But if you have used my blogger seo traffic pack on your blog,  congratulations to you,
because at no distant time,  you will notice a great change in your blogger traffic and blog performance.

So without wasting much time,  let us continue.

Why you must seo optimize your blogger blog. 

  • For higher  search results. 

This is the number one reason why you must have to optimize your blogger blog. Search engine is a free platform to derive massive traffic to your blogger blog. You don't need to pay for any advertising fee,  but the problem is,  how will you optimize your blogger blogs to start receiving free traffic from search engines? 

Like I told you,  I used blogger seo traffic pack  to get my blog contents on the first page of google.  That is the only strategy which I used. 
If you want to achieve the same result,  then you must use the same strategy which I used to rank my blog contents on the first page of google. 

  • For generating massive traffic to your blogger blog. 

Yes,  traffic is the livelihood of every blog, you can never achieve anything from your blog if it lacks organic traffic. Yes quote me right. 

Traffic is needed for you to achieve,  so you must work hard to achieve that. 

  • For your blog Ranking.

A well optimized blog has a good ranking. If you want to check the rank of your blog, you can always make use of Alexa to check it. Alexa will show you the estimate of your blog position, globally and locally.

  • To Increase sales and conversions 

A well optimized blog will help you to increase sales and conversions. Yes,  if you receive massive traffic to your blogger blog, your sales will be automatically doubled.
As a blogger, you must have something to sell or services to offer, by optimizing your blogger blog,  you get more traffic which will automatically increase your sales. 

  • For more engagement with your visitors. 

If you seo optimize your blogger blog,  it will cause more engagement with your blog visitors.

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